18 Apr

Clinic Re-opening – Coronavirus update

Lockdown restrictions are currently easing & there is a gradual return to services and facilities re-opening. As a result, from 27th April I will be available for appointments again at Xcite Craigswood and bookings can be made via the online booking site here:


I have already returned to Framework Clinics at Bridge of Allan where we are all becoming more accustomed to the use of PPE and the additional systems that have been put in place to minimise the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus. There is regular review of the guidance being issued regarding recommended procedures and cleaning regimes.

Within Xcite Craigswood there are hand sanitising stations through out the building & signs regarding current distancing guidance. Please follow the current advice when entering the leisure centre building.

15 Sep

Online booking for Xcite Craigswood, Livingston

In order to make it easier to book and change appointments, we are moving the system online for appointments at Xcite Craigswod in Livingston. Instead of booking through reception, we have created a link below which will allow you to see when booking slots are available.

At present, a short questionnaire is required to ensure that booking an appointment is appropriate due to Covid-19. As a result, the booking will be screened before being confirmed. This to ensure the health and safety of staff at the venue as well as to protect those in vulnerable groups. If required, we will contact you to ask further questions before the booking process is finalised.

Click Here for Online Booking
Xcite Craigswood, Livingston

07 Apr

Covid-19 / Coronavirus

Due to the current advice regarding social distancing, the clinics where I currently work have all been closed to patient appointments. As restrictions are lifted, further details of clinics & available appointment times will be updated.

25 May

New Year, New Skills!

The start of 2019 has involved expanding my skills so that I am now able to offer acupuncture as a treatment option for pain relief and aiding recovery from musculoskeletal problems.  The course involved 3 separate weekends of intensive theory and practice with a superb tutor, a theory and practical exam as well as 3 reflective diaries and a 2,500 word case study to be completed.

I am delighted to have passed all the elements of the course and received my qualification certificate from the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists!  🙂

Acupuncture Foundation Course Certificate 2019_0001

01 Nov

Base Phase: Setting Foundations

For athletes who have a peak of competitions over the summer months, this can be the time of year for a rest period before commencing on a BASE Phase of training.

Rest periods and holidays are important within the cycles of training as well as within the year as a whole.  Rest days or active recovery days should be included in the microcycle (the shortest training cycle in the training process which is typically a week as that fits in best with our usual work/school week).  These are required as the body physically needs time to rebuild and repair after periods of training.  If this is not included then, rather than an improving level of fitness, athletes may plateau or hit a problem with over-training and a decrease in fitness and ability.  After an intense season that includes major competitions, a complete break for a couple of weeks from the main sporting focus can be mentally beneficial and often athletes then return to training feeling fresh and ready to focus on the upcoming sporting year.  A short break of 2 weeks will not have a significant impact on overall fitness!

Base Phase of training is a period of time where athletes typically return to focusing on their endurance with longer sessions at a steady pace of running / cycling.  The duration and pace of these sessions should be based on previous levels of fitness (ideally with Heart Rate Zones being used as guidance).  This phase is also an ideal time for addressing any injury issues – resolving any small issues before they progress to a more limiting injury or focusing on rehab to fully recover from any current injuries in order to allow progression to full fitness and maximise performance potential.

So if any niggles or injuries require addressing, now is a good time to get them assessed and a treatment plan in place.   🙂


18 Feb

Training Week

So, how have you been getting on with your New Year Resolutions?
My own aim over the past month was to organise my time in a way that allowed a more regular training pattern – which I have almost achieved! I have been very lucky to have the ability to adjust my work hours slightly – in one case by just a half hour shift! This will allow me to ensure that I can regularly attend a couple of fitness classes that have been making a difference to my cycling / cardio-vascular fitness through a spin class and my flexibility through a body balance class.
For the other days of the week, I just have to make sure that I plan ahead to have the right kit with me to either go out for a run or head to the gym on the way home. One of the biggest hurdles for many people can be getting out of the house in the first place – especially during the winter months! So to work around that I aim to fit in my training before reaching home at all.  Meeting up with friends can also make a difference as we can keep each other motivated to turn up!

Over my week the components I aim to include are: cardio-vascular sessions for my biking/running; specific sessions to maintain skills and technique specific to particular sports (bike to run transitions, mountain bike trails, climbing skills); & some gym/class time to address the areas that my sports don’t already target (improving flexibility).
For running & cycling the movement is primarily viewed as a being in one plane – forwards & backwards with very little sideways movement. As a result, our bodies adapt & strengthen the most used muscles…….. but this can lead to an imbalance for the other muscles that are not also being used. Imbalance can then lead to niggles creeping in which if not addressed can become a more problematic injury. A common problem can be a relative weakness in the muscles that move us sideways as these muscles also have a stabilising role to play.
So variety is not only the “Spice of Life”, it can also help to maintain a good all round strength & flexibility in the body. This in turn helps us to cope with the unexpected – someone falling in front of us that we need to dodge around can easily be achieved if we have all round fitness, but may cause a muscle tweak for someone who only trains in one directional plane.
So how do we add this in? For some it will be a training programme at the gym, for others it will be joining a class – the important thing is to find something that you enjoy taking part in that will get you moving in different directions! For me, I do both – I have a gym session to address a weakness I am aware of & the fitness class gives me an opportunity to check my body alignment & challenges both my core & my balance.

19 Jan

Goal Setting

For many people January brings a flurry of New Year Resolutions, but sticking to them can be difficult to achieve.  However, I wrote a little New Year guide for Hands On Maximise where I work on Monday evenings and Thursday & Friday afternoons.  The guide posted on January 1st can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/Handsonmaximise-1494358500854159/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

So January also provides an opportunity to look back at last year – what went well? what could be improved?

A work related highlight was being invited to travel with the GB Orienteering Talent Squad to the JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championships) which were held in Switzerland.  The Team performed very well with support from the staff involved regularly with the team & happily there were few injuries to deal with over the 10 day trip.

At a personal level, I was delighted to be selected again to represent Scotland in the Orienteering Veteran Home International which is an annual event pitching the four home nations against each other.  Despite poor visibility, the cherry on the cake was winning my age group against strong competition.

I also made further progress in my rock climbing skills through taking part in Improver’s courses and benefitting from a couple of personal coaching sessions at EICA, Ratho.

But what could have been better?  Juggling work, training & family commitments can always be a challenge, so the consistency of my training could have been better at times.  I have found in the past that having a routine works for me, however this also needs to have some flexibility as the unexpected can – and does – happen!!

Looking ahead – my goals for 2017 are to establish a consistent routine for my training which suits my work hours and the variety of activities I enjoy.  For orienteering I would be delighted to represent Scotland again, so I’ll need to look out for the selection events so my fitness & skills are at a good enough level.  There are also some road biking sportives, mountain biking duathlons and rock climbing holidays to prepare for.

I have already accepted the invitation to assist the Talent Squad again this year as physio for JWOC in Finland and also the Junior European Cup in Austria.  My year has already involved providing assistant coaching support for both the GB Orienteering Talent Squad and coaching more locally with East of Scotland Orienteering Association juniors.

I’ll write more about how I am incorporating the important elements of training in my next blog – watch this space!!

26 Jul

JWOC 2016


Well, what a successful event in Switzerland! The British Junior Orienteering team consisted of 12 athletes who had been selected to compete in specific disciplines: Sprint, Long, Middle & Relay.


The start of the week brought a combination of hot weather & high altitude which had a significant effect on the athletes, but top 20 positions were still achieved and a requirement to secure future funding for this Development Team.  In addition to this Cooler weather conditions (more like Scottish temperatures!) for the Middle qualifier possibly helped 7 members of the team reach the final. The last day always hosts the Relay event which produced exciting racing & multiple mentions of the GB teams as they maintained good positions for their team mates to follow.

By the end of the event there were 3 top twenty individual performances including podium positions for Megan in the Middle event and the female Relay team.  All four relay teams finished within the top twenty teams – a great result!!

Full results can be found here.

As well as the excitement of traveling abroad to compete, the scenery was absolutely beautiful with high mountains, blue sky (mostly!) and tumbling rivers. Possible kayaking holiday venue noted!

I was very relieved that over the course of the trip the worst injuries to deal with were a slightly sprained ankle and a swollen knee after making contact with a rock – both minor issues that with the correct treatment allowed the athletes to fully participate in their races without any impact on their performance.

A great first trip with the team & hopefully more to come in the future!!

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